Monday, November 22, 2010

It figures!!

Why does it happend when you look your worst you run into an old boyfriend!!  Not that it matters what he think especially after being VERY HAPPILY married to the most wonderful husband ever, for the past 16 years BUT...!!  Not to mention when we dated I was like 100lbs lighter & about 50lbs lighter the last time I saw him.  But I do have to take into account that I've had 2 more children & not the mention the back issues since to last time I saw him.  And of course he has this cute little blond wife!!  Oh well!!  Only I can make a change!! 

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  1. Why do we worry about how we look? I had a similar experience on Sunday. My husband and I have been volunteering in a state park. It's raining and cold outside and I'm bundled accordingly. I chose not to shower until after our duties in the park. Therefore, my hair is a little tweeked. I was in a yurt cleaning and 2 men come to the porch to ask a question. His name is Bill and he was the most popular boy in our graduating class. I worried about how I looked. I gradulated over 40 years ago!! By the way, he didn't look like much of a catch himself. ;D